What a whirlwind! After a wonderful summer, we are now officially in September. Everywhere I look there is another article advising on how to dress during this tricky period.  What are you to do when you’re hoping for one more week of sunshine but getting rain?

Before I started to feel too gloomy about the weather, I stumbled across the news that Vivienne Westwood (who amazingly created a tartan named after her husband MacAndreas ) is to be honoured at the Scottish Fashion Awards for her creative use of tartans and tweeds.

Tartan and plaid never go out of style and vintage lovers have decades of highland inspired fashion to reference in future looks. Who didn’t want a tartan skirt after watching Clueless? Equally I love the super sweet dresses from the early 1960s that are often teamed with a simple red cardigan for a fresh look.

Here are a few of my favourite looks using the Scottish favourite …




Kate M oss as tartan bride, 1993/94 Anglomania collection 

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